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Our Mission

At EyeDiscover we want our students to grow into independent problem solvers and responsible citizens. With these goals in mind, we have prepared an environment to a high degree of perfection with curricular activities that will enhance their ability to learn.


We seek to ignite curiosity and love of learning in which students explore by interest and become active learners who make their own choices. Our goal is to inform and give students the exposure they need to make the right choices so their future will remain bright!


At EyeDiscover, we build great relationships, connect with families, and find ways to solve and develop growth. It is our job to understand students' backgrounds and find different strategies for them to express their intelligence in the classroom and in everyday life. Our director has designed a curriculum that will expand the growth of the mind. At EyeDiscover our main focus is to teach elementary students S.T.E.A.M, Art, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Social-Emotional Learning, and Coding Curricular Courses. We believe these courses will help students explore their capability and curiosity.


Children are discovering the world through imagination, experiences, and hands-on materials this will help them investigate the world around them. At EyeDiscover we provide a safe and healthy environment that motivates the ability to learn. We believe if you give a child the right tools in life; their future will ALWAYS remain bright. Opportunities are unlimited in the field of education. 

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